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Hello, my name is Aash Mohammad and I am a web designer, developer and consultant. I have over 17 years of experience as a coder (including my employment in various companies). From the very beginning, high quality and devotion to even minor details played the most important part in all of my projects.

With me you get lower pricing, more personal & professional experience, faster turnaround and quality work. Also, you get Domain name registration services, Web development services, Web-hosting services, Email-Hosting services, Database-hosting services, SSL certificate intallation services and other third party web services all under one roof.

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Skills Summary:

ASP.Net/ MS-SQL/ PHP/ MySql/ Ionic/ HTML/ CSS/ Js Libraries/ CodeIgniter/ Wordpress/ Joomla/ Drupal/ OpenCart/ OSCommerce/ + All kinds of other CMSs and web application development platforms.
Website Design
Website Development
Mobile Apps Design
Mobile Apps Development
Web Application Development

Step 1 - Listen & Advice

Your requirements are being observed according to your needs then you are adviced as per the scenario that is in best ineterest of your web project's (website or web application or mobile app) success.

Step 2 - Freeze The Layout

The project layout is designed as per the agreed upon requirements. You may also select the layout from pre-designed templates.

Step 3 - Develope and Test

Once you freeze the layout, I develop client / server side modules and the database if applicable. Development and manual testing of the project is done side by side. Once the final modules are ready, the project under goes further testing and bug fixing process.

Step 4 - Deploy

Once the project is bug free, it is deployed online on the web server after taking care of domain name, web hosting, email hosting, database hosting services and other 3rd party services (if any).

Services  I  Provide

Services include design, develop & deployment of websites, web applications and mobile apps. Also, the Web Hosting and maintenance services.

Custom Websites

- Ux Web Designs
- Ui Web Designs
- Static Websites.
- Dynamic Websites.
- Responsive Websites.
- Creative Websites.
- Email Flyer Designs.
- Graphic Designs.
- PDF Designs.
- Branding.
- Logo Designs.
- Actually, everything in web design.

Open Source

- Wordpress
- Joomla
- Drupal
- OpenCart
- Magento
- PrestaShop
- Zen Cart
- osCommerce
- WooCommerce
- Jigoshop
- Drupal Commerce
- VirtueMart

Mobile Apps Development

- All kinds of mobile apps.
- Static Mobile Apps development.
- Dynamic Mobile Apps development.
- E-Commerce Mobile Apps.
- Database driven Mobile Apps.
- Matrimonial Mobile Apps.
- Olx/Quikr type Mobile Apps.

Web Applications Development

- Custom & secure web development.
- E-Commerce web development.
- Matrimonial web development.
- Database driven web development.
- Payment gateway integration.
- Multiple Languages integration.
- Authentic web development.

Internet Marketing

- Mass Emailing Campaigns
- Mass SMS message Campaigns
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
- SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Web Hosting Etc.

- Domain name registration.
- Web hosting services.
- Email hosting services.
- Database hosting services.

17+  Years Experience
100 % Happy clients
100% Cost Effective


About Pricing

It is very dificult to predict the exact table wise prices for any website or mobile app development. Let me give you an example: If you add a single functionality then price changes. If you embedd the same functionality in a different pre existing module then price changes. So it can not be predicted 100%.

Let's make life simple, you tell me your requirements and I'll provide you with a free no obligation quotation for your website or mobile app development.
Or may be you just want to discuss something else regarding your website/app. Click to contact me.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

General questions
To get started with building your website/app, I need following from you:
  • Your thoughts about the look and feel of your proposed website/app. (May be some sample websites/apps you already have in mind as base samples for your website's/app's design/layout)
  • Contents of the website/app (pics/images, logo and text etc).
  • Your preferred domain name for the website. (Need a list of 4-5 domain names to choose from as per availability)
  • Choice of your email addresses on your website.
Once you provide us with the details mentioned above, here is process of website development explained step by step:
  • I'll show you personally (or send you via email) the website samples/layoutDesigns so that you can decide on your website layout and design (look n feel).
  • You finalise and freeze the webstie design/layout.
  • I'll complete developing the website.
  • You review it and may be ask for some modifications. I'll make the changes accordingly.
  • You review the website.
  • I'll launch the Website after your approval.
Click here to contact me and/or send me your requirements in order to discuss your website/app.
You may also email me at aash@aash.in or give me a call/WhatsApp msg at +91 9999311584.
Website development related
Simply a website is a collection of web-pages.
Best example of a web-page is 'this page'. You are actually visiting and reading from 'this' web-page of my website (www.aash.in). This is the main page of the website and is also called a 'homepage'. To give you some more information, this is a one page website and have multiple sections in it.
This is the name that identifies any Web site. For example, my website which you are currently visiting has a name which is "aash.in". In other words, aash.in is the domain name of my website. A domain name needs to be purchased (registered) from the one of the many registering authorities of ICANN. Generally speaking, many websites sell 'domain name registration' which is based on availablilty. If you don’t already have a domain name registered then I can register it for you.
Once your website is developed, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Consider it a space rented on someone else's property (i.e., webserver) on the internet. The web-host (one who provides web hosting services with their webserver) gives you a certain amount of space for all of your web pages (website), provides (optional) email addresses and other features you may need to build your site as per your website's specific needs. If you don’t already have web hosting services at some server, I can do it for you.
Email-hosting is also provided by the webservers (web-hosts) online. Other than webhosting services, a web-host (one who provides web hosting services with their webserver) also provides email hosting services and other features you may need to build your site as per your website's specific needs.
First Things First - A website and an email address are two essential components of your branding, so you should have your own registered domain name. Let's say your business is 'ABCD Pvt. Ltd.'. You want your customers visiting abcd.com (or similar name available) and emailing you at info@abcd.com/sales@abcd.com.
Now having said that, here are a few general statements that may help you realize your needs for having a website.:
  • First of all your website is your (or your business's) online identity. It may serve as your virtual office where people can contact you online.
  • Furthermore, a website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. You can sell and/or share your products, services or whatever you want to share (or sell) online on your virtual store (i.e. your website).
  • No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you with the help of your website.
  • Any communication or interactions that happen within your business can be made easier and more efficient by bringing it on internet.
  • Your business will save money and time while appealing to a much greater audience, the world.
A static website is one which have no programing (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java coding) code. It has generally some HTML/CSS code in its files and not the server side code.
A dynamic website is one which have programing (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java coding) code (along with HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery) and thus some interactive functionality in your website. More advanced dynamic websites may also have a database at backend.
Technically: An Open source website/software (also named as CMS website) is a software/website whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone (a web-developer/programmer offcourse). Generally: An Open source website/software is considered as free because you don't have to pay for the development cost. However, you will need a web-developer/programmer in order to deploy it.
Well, it all depends on what you want from a website! In order to setup & deploy a CMS website (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc), you will need a progammer/developer anyway. Thus the charges. But you get a lot of already developed (packaged) dynamic features with a CMS website. So if your functionality needs are fulfilled using one of these CMS websites then it is good to hire a web-developer/programmer and that can set it up for you. It will cost you much lesser than the normal custom dynamic website development. BUT, If your needs are different then you must not go that way because in the long run you may have to spend much much more money in future when you need some custom modifications in these open source CMS websites. Also, If your needs are simple and may be you just want your company information to put online or you just want a presentation/card website then you should consider a custom static website for you.
Payment related
Once you tell me your requirements fully and we both agree upon the final website development plan then I can give you exact cost estimate and will take atleast 40% as token maoney. Another 40% on final review and rest on launch of the website.


Mobile/WhatsApp : +91 9999311584  ~  Email: aash@aash.in